Serkay Tutuncu named as Ozan in Turkish series Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong has shared some interesting facts of his life. After participating in a reality show. Serkay was offered a role in Turkish series. Serkan, with his talent and hard work, made his way to the top series.

Serkay Tutuncu - Ozan of Bay Yanlis interview. #AyishaThousif
Ozan (Serkay Tütüncü)

Q. How is your relationship with the kitchen? As the character of Ozan in the series of "Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong" is of the thriving chef of the bar and restaurant owned by Özgür. 

A. The kitchen is an area where I am inquisitive, but I grew up in a family that made such delicious meals that there was no time for me to enter the kitchen. While some may not be able to take pictures, I have been in the kitchen for about 2-3 months for the character of Ozan. That's why I improved myself a lot!. "I HAVE DEVELOPED MYSELF TO MEAL"

Q. Izmir is the place where you love to live in? What future do you dream of? We know that you miss İzmir.

A. "I imagine A HAPPY FUTURE IN IZMIR" It will be very cliché, but I dream of a happy future. , together with, there are things I want to do in Istanbul. It makes me glad to see that everything is fine. I work a lot. But other than that, I have a desire not to do anything calm, ambitious, and forced. Our priority is survival, then satisfaction and happiness. So the happiness part is İzmir for me, no doubt.

Serkay Tutuncu - Ozan of Bay Yanlis interview. #AyishaThousif
Serkay Tattoos

Q. Do the tattoos have got a special meaning? In your posts on Instagram, your tattoos attract a lot of attention. 

A. I love my tattoos. The meanings are very different, of course. For example, "The things you own end up owning you" is a Fight Club line that has determined my view of life since the age of 17. Apart from that, there are surfing, flowers of life, mandala and of course 23. The number 23 is a lucky number for me. "23 IS A NUMBER THAT CHANGES THE WAY" A name that starts with selectivity in perception, then me in fascinating places, changing my way. So I made it right in the middle of my arm. Because it's the reason for all the mess :))

Q. You are an excellent surf buff. How did this passion begin? Can you take the time to surf at a busy pace?

A. My passion for surfing started at the age of 7-8.  It was inevitable because I was born and raised in Alaçatı. In the past, there was nothing if there was no wind in Alaçatı. So they threw me right into the water. My father taught me, and then I couldn't get out of it anyway :) It's an exceptional sport for me. The feeling of leaving everything and just being in the water takes away my fear of losing something. I can move more freely. Regardless of how busy my job is, I somehow spend time surfing.

Serkay Tutuncu - Ozan of Bay Yanlis interview. #AyishaThousif
Serkay Passion for Surfing

Q. Some of the most prominent features of Aquarius are; loving and friendly, social, and unusual. Your horoscope is your bucket. Can we say that you have these features?

A. A horoscope that is tired of thinking and never neglects its pessimist side :) But other than that, I am an incredibly loving person who loves to travel and discover. However, I don't know if there is a reason for being a buck on friendship or love, but I do value it. 

Q. We have read that you want to write a book in several sources. Do you have any work on this subject?

A. I want so much. Something happens when I compile more of my essays. It's early for now. I expect some things to overflow some more :)

Serkay Tutuncu - Ozan of Bay Yanlis interview. #AyishaThousif
Serkay in Bay Yanlis -Mr Wrong

Q. When you received an offer for "Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong"? Did the character excite you?

A. I guess that Ozan was a lover who did not lose faith, I think. I can say that being someone naive, unexpected, self-aware, aware of what he is looking for, wants, left behind years of disappearance, and is more confident. 

Q. In another interview, you said that a character you previously brought to life resembles the old Serkay (His real name). Do you have anything in common with Ozan?

A. In fact, most of the characters we play always have pieces that we hold, adopt or even match. In ordinary life, we realize that we have some similarities with many people we just met. At the points where you find something from yourself in acting, the job becomes more comfortable, observing, discovering, and developing the points that are different from you is the most fun side of the business. With Ozan, our workaholic and love expectations are the same, but I think our approach is a little different.

Serkay really is an interesting personality to know about. Stay tuned for more updates on celebrities, TV series and interesting news.

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