The romantic comedy Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi - You knock My Door, will be screened on Wednesday, August 26, with its 7th episode this week. There will be exciting scenes in the new episode of the series starring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin. The ever-developing intimacy between Eda and Serkan will take the plot to the next level when Eda and Serkan starts recognizing their feelings for each other.

episode 7 sen cal kapimi in english #AyishaThousif
Eda and Serkan

Sen cal kapimi has been the most successful on-screen in this season with less competition. On the arrival of September, it is a matter of wonder how the series will stand among many productions. Still, considering the comments made by the fans of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin on social media, the audience does not have much intention to give up the Eda and Serkan couple! Despite the similar stories of romantic comedy series, the compatibility of the actors also shapes the fate of the series.

episode 7 sen cal kapimi in english #AyishaThousif
Kerem and Hande Behind the Scene

Recently Kerem Bursin praised Hande Ercel social media for her energy and positivity on the set. Although they state that there is no love between them, the romantic scenes in front of the screen continue to fascinate the audience. Episode 7 trailer had left the audience in a completely different plot. As in the first trailer, Serkan seems to be bothered by the Eda distancing herself from him whereas, in trailer two, Serkan is furious to know whom Selin choose at the End.

Here is the Sen Cal Kapimi - You Knock My Door Episode 7 Detailed summary.

episode 7 sen cal kapimi in english #AyishaThousif
Episode 6 last scene

At the End of the episode, six Eda finally succeed in making Serkan reveal his secret place of where he visited every year on August 19. They both share a very special Hug when Serkan seems to be emotionally driven by Eda's gesture towards his lonely secret. When Eda returns home under the spell of the moment they shared, Ayfer immediately notices Eda's shining eyes. Is Eda really in love? Eda is very afraid of being captured by Serkan, but it is so difficult to stay away from Serkan. When she is questioned about her love, Eda is left in confusion yet tricky situation, and her answer comes out as "I don't know" and starts distancing herself from Serkan. 

Serkan feels bothered by Eda distancing herself from him, and he starts thinking about the reason behind it. Serkan makes a move towards Eda by offering coffee in his house. Eda rejects him telling she prefers going to her house.

episode 7 sen cal kapimi in english #AyishaThousif
Serkan's Birthday

The big event of Episode 7 is Serkans birthday. Of course, Serkan Bolat hates celebrating his birthday. Leila informs Eda that Serkan spends his birthday every year only with Ms Selin meanwhile Eda asks Serkan if he has any plans for the night. Moreover, Eda had to prepare flowers for Selin by hand on behalf of Serkan, as well as to write the note herself. Selin is also starting to get confused.

Eda and Serkan come together on the night of Serkans birthday. Eda asks him about his meeting with Selin And receives a definite answer from Serkan. Eda celebrates Serkan's birthday with a simple cupcake and Serkan seems little surprised with the cake but expected as it is entirely Eda's style. Eda presents a gift to Serkan, which makes Serkan think Eda has a lot of unexplored secrets.

episode 7 sen cal kapimi in english #AyishaThousif
Serkan and Eda on Serkan's Birthday

Eda confess to her friend that Serkan is like a magician, with his smile, his looks, he affects the people. Possibly thinks she has fallen in love with Serkan. Serkan confesses to Eda that after the termination of the contract, he will have a lot of memories of her. Serkan being strict about his feelings towards others this is a big thing for him to confess to Eda that he will miss her later. 

episode 7 sen cal kapimi in english #AyishaThousif
Kerem and Hande 

Every episode of Sen cal Kapimi - You knock my door brings new excitement in the audience, making it the much-awaited series. At the same time, Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel been nominated to be 'the best series couple of the year' for the Golden Butterfly Awards, which are determined by the votes of the audience every year. Last season, this award was won by Furkan Andıç and Aybüke Pusat, who made a strong impression with their successful harmony in Her Yerde Sen series.

Golden Butterfly Award

To the Golden Butterfly, and of course, there will be different candidates. However, it is a significant development that the audience has already asked the Golden Buttery to make an announcement from the duo of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin as the winners in their social media comments. If the series You Play Door continues to remain on the screen in the same way in the winter season, and if it continues to attract high ratings and great attention, there is no reason why this should not happen.

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