One of the best works of Fox TV in the recent period is undoubtedly the romantic comedy Turkish series Sen cal kapimi - You Play Door. The lead of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin gave an excellent result. So far, series is successful in its ratings and marking as a successful series of the summer season in turkey.

Sen cal kapimi - You knock on my door

Episode 7 of Sen cal kapimi - you knock on my door was released on August 27. So far, the team concentrated, bringing the couple together, whereas, in episode seven, it was the opposite. Still, the episode left curiousness at the end, making the audience wait desperately for the release of the new trailer.

Episode 7 Rating

The series has again won the viewers' hearts with a total rating of 7.57. The AB group had the highest rating this time with 8.01. On ABC1, the rating is 7.96.

Sen cal kapimi has made its place among the top 5 programs. Here is its ranking on different platforms.

Here are the top 10 programs in total aired on August 26, 2020


The Top 10 programs in the Eu


The top 10 programs in ABC


Besides its story and the cast, another reason behind the success of the Sen Play Door series is its strong social media presence. There is an audience that wildly supports the series that consolidates its followers on all social platforms. The rise of You Play Kapım on social media is much more robust thanks to this audience.

Sen Cal Kapimi YouTube Data

Interest in the Youtube channel where the series's trailers, various scenes, and clips are also very high. Founded on May 28, 2020, the Sen Play Door youtube channel reached 1 million subscribers in just three months and achieved great success. The videos broadcast on this channel received a total of more than 230 million views.

Bay Yanlis YouTube Data

Compared with You Steal Door's success with Mr. Wrong is the social media star of the last period. The number of followers of the youtube channel of the series is 725 thousand. The number of views of the videos published on the channel opened on May 14, 2020, in 163 million.

As a result, how successful and effective Sen cal kapimi - You Play Door is on youtube is clearly understood even with this comparison made with Bay Yanlis - Mr. Wrong.

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