Turkish actors are recognized abroad through TV series… Recently, Can Yaman has come to the fore in this regard. Among the actresses, we can count Demet Özdemir, Neslihan Atagül, and Özge Gürel.

Top Turkish Actors

Engin Akyürek, who has influenced millions of people in different countries with his Turkish TV series for many years, is the most well-known Turkish actor in Spain. And he is well ahead of his competitors.

However, Can Yaman became very famous for his Turkish Tv Series Erkenci Kus - Early Bird series in 2019; Greece, Italy, and Spain talked about in his travels. The actor added fame to his reputation by participating in some television shows in Spain. However, a survey made makes people think about Can Yaman.

Ali Eyüboğlu, one of the columnists of Milliyet Cadde, drew attention to a survey conducted in Spain and announced the results from the corner.

A survey called 'Mejor Actor Turco', in other words, 'The Best Turkish Actor,' was conducted, and the results are quite surprising.

Here is the detail in Ali Eyüboğlu's article:

Top Turkish Tv Series Actors in Spain | Can yaman has surprised  #AyishaThousif
Top 4 Turkish Actors in Spain

The result of the survey attended by Spaniards who show great interest in Turkish TV series is as follows:

- Engin Akyürek: 69 percent 

- Ulaş Tuna Astepe: 13.6 percent 

- Akın Akınözü: 13.2 percent 

- Caner Cindoruk: 4.2 percent

Top Turkish Tv Series Actors in Spain | Can yaman has surprised  #AyishaThousif
Engin Akyurek

Famous actor Engin Akyürek not only affects vast geography with his new Turkish Tv series Sefirin Kızı but also with his old series he has remained in the eyes of an international audience. Especially in Latin American countries, many of the actor's series broadcasted. Besides, Engin Akyürek's TV series preferred for Spanish-speaking audiences living in the USA.

The TV series, A Bulut Olsam, aired in 2009, was bought by the Thema America channel, which broadcasts for the Hispanic group, namely for Spanish speakers.

Even with the repetition of the Turkish Tv Series 'Kara Para Aşk,' which Akyürek shared with Tuba Büyüküstün after Beren Saat's 'What is Fatmagül's crime?' The perception created in Spain is interesting.

Top Turkish Tv Series Actors in Spain | Can yaman has surprised  #AyishaThousif
Ulaş Tuna Astepe

Ulaş Tuna Astepe, who portrayed the character of Tahir in the Turkish Tv Series Sen Anlat Karadeniz - Black Sea series, was recognized by the masses with the production that lasted for three seasons. 

Top Turkish Tv Series Actors in Spain | Can yaman has surprised  #AyishaThousif
Akın Akınözü

Akın Akınözü, Born in Ankara in 1990, the actress educated in mathematics. Moreover, he studied in America. Akınözü had no dreams of being an actor before. Akin Akinozu first appeared in the Turkish Tv series Azrail in 2014 and came to the screen with the character of Ivan in the series Magnificent Century Kösem.

Akınözü later played the characters, Yunus, in the Turkish TV series Friends are Good, Murat in Aslan Ailem, and Ömer in Payitaht Abdülhamid. However, the turning point in Akın Akınözü's career was the Turkish Tv series Hercai, and it made him an international star as Miran of Hercai. 

Top Turkish Tv Series Actors in Spain | Can yaman has surprised  #AyishaThousif
Caner Cindoruk

Caner Cindoruk, who started to appear in projects since 2006, made his debut with the character of Doctor Nazmi in the Turkish TV series Yaprak Dökümü.

The famous actor most impressed the audience with the character of Kemal, which he portrayed in the Hanımın Çiftliği Turkish Tv series. Different productions followed. The actor, who has achieved successful cinema and TV series projects, played many different roles. Rcently he was seen in Zemheri series.

The headline of the analysis report on this issue in the Spanish media is as follows: "Engin Akyürek: The main reference of the Turkish phenomenon in Spain."

Hope to see Can Yaman among the top 4 in the upcoming years with his performance. Turkish series has genuinely spread its roots among different countries. People genuinely want to see their favorite actors on screen in other characters.

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