Turkish Tv Series Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong Episode 10 Trailer 2 English Subtitles

Ozgur seems to be regretting what he has done to Ezgi. Ezgi has moved to Bursa with her parents. Ozgur and Ezgi are expecting each other to call to reconcile. Ozgur makes a move and asks sorry to Ezgi which means misunderstanding has been cleared between them. Ezgi was really heartbroken from Ozgur's reaction on her birthday. They both have made up so soon with each other. I just wish it should not be a dream of Ezgi.

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Bay Yanlis - Mr. Wrong Episode 10 trailer 2 with English Subtitles is here:


Series Plot: Özgür (Can Yaman); He owns a rich but shabby restaurant-bar who does not believe in love. Ezgi (Özge Gürel) on the other hand; she is tired of wrong relationships and is determined to have a decent relationship and get married. Seeing that Ezgi is not successful in relationship issues, Özgür begins to mentor her in relationships and to give her tactics to get the man Ezgi likes. What will Özgür and Ezgi live in neighboring houses over time?

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