Fox Turkish TV Series Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong, which started as a summer series, has decided to make finale! With this decision that shocked everyone, the series would bid farewell to the screen with the 14th episode, which will be broadcasted this week! The decision taken for the series starring Özge Gürel and Can Yaman was shocking!

With this sudden decision of Fox TV, Özge Gürel and Can Yaman fans will be disappointed. The series, which started at the beginning of the summer and was screened on Friday evenings, unfortunately, could not withstand the other series. The rivals of the romantic comedy series are hefty series!

Turkish Series Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong to make a Finale.
Ezgi and Ozgur

There is no question of a change in the day. Other days are scheduled with different series. Along with Bay Yanlis - Mr. Wrong, are Babylon, Back Streets, Ramo, Red Room, Hercai, was on the screen last night with its 13th episode.

The series was very disappointing with the ratings it received. It fell to 10th in Total and 8th in the EU. The series, which received more ratings in the summer season, was defeated by its rivals in the season.

Turkish Series Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong to make a Finale.

The ratings of Hercai in AB and ABC1 groups, which were only manageable in the whole group on the ATV screen, decreased significantly. So one leg of the knee is in the pit. There are claims that it will make the final, but it is difficult to say anything for now because there is no official announcement. 

Another troublesome TV series on Friday evenings is Babil… Babil was a very ambitious production that was broadcast on Star TV and where the stereotype of "the cast is collapsing". It found its audience in the first season, but the intervention of the pandemic changed everything. The ratings of the Babylon series have also dropped. The rating for the last episode was almost like the series gave up.

Turkish Series Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong to make a Finale.
Bay Yanlis

There is no final decision from Star TV regarding Babel. However, it does not seem possible to continue the series as it is. As a result, the incredible success of the Red Room series first wreaked havoc on Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong.

It is also fascinating that Ramo won this race. Ramo, whose first season did not bring such good results, will continue to compete on Friday with its ambitious episodes.

Announcing the news on social media, Journalist Birsen Altuntaş stated that Bay Yanlis - Mr Wrong would make a final in the 14th episode, that is, the episode that will be published next week.

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