Turkish Series Hercai - Fickle Heart Season 2 Episode 39 Sumarry

Miran, who does not want to be the hand of the revenge that Azize will take and gives up revenge, decides to go from Midyat to establish a life away from everything with Reyyan. This decision, accepted in the Şadoğlu family, but Azize Aslanbey, who suffered a profound law after the death of Elif, has very different plans for the two families. 

After the death of his grandson, Azize, who does not want to suffer more losses from his family, vows to end everything by using Miran for the last time, but the son of the Sultan, Aslan Aslanbey, who is known to have died for so many years, learned everything about his past and returned to his ancestral lands to ensure justice. With the emergence of Aslan, as the cards are scattered again, Reyyan and Miran, whose love faces a new test, will now challenge everyone as the founders of their games, not Azize's pawns.

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