The Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi - You Knock On My Door, which meets with the audience on the Fox TV screen on Wednesday evenings, has become a finger-biting production with its successful performance. The first nine episodes of the series, which connects the viewers who love romantic comedy with its effective performance of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, came to the screen successfully.

Eda And Serkan in Episode 9

The 10th episode of the series has met with the audience on Fox TV on Wednesday, September 16. The three trailers released so far have gained more than 17 million views—another excellent record.

A new improvement has been taken to develop the series's story further and keep the audience high. Another character will join the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi - You Knock On My Door team in the coming weeks.

Eda and Serkan

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, after İsmail Ege Şaşmaz (Kaan Karadag) left the production, it was decided to include an influential male character in the series, and the search for actors has started. The new participant, expected to be a young boy and to increase the tension in the series.

Episode 10 of Sen Cal Kapimi - You Knock My Door is consistent with its ratings, but it has made a record in rankings on different channels.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 10 Rating.

Episode 9 Rating

Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi - You Knock On My Door Episode 10 successfully retained its audience on-screen with a Total rating of 7.92, Ab with 7.68, and ABC1 with its highest rating of 9.75.

Previous episode rating. The Series had a total rating of 7.84. The AB group had of 8.57. ABC1 had the highest rating with 9.11.

Total Ranking of Top 10 Programs:

Top 10 Program Ranking

AB Channel Program Ranking

ABC1 Channel Program Ranking

Episode 10 of the Turkish Series has set the new record by the ranking number one on all the channels. Sen Cal Kapimi - You Knock On My Door episode 10 ended with the question in the viewer's mind once again. What will be the Serkan Answer to Selin?. Episode 11 first trailer is released. Serkan and Eda don't seem to be in good terms. Let us wait and hope for yet another best episode.

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