Turkish Series Zumruduank - The Pheonix Episode 12 Summary.

Zümrüt learned one of the secrets kept from her. Thus, it has been revealed who Deniz is. Azimet's game ended as she wanted.

Zümrüt begins to question her past and love with Serhat. For Serhat, there is none other than Zümrüt, and it will not be. However, while trying to convince Zümrüt to believe this, the two lovers will be subjected to further tests. To be permanent in Serhat's life, Deniz raises her hand and begins to take dangerous steps.

After suffering great pain, Suhandan begins to make her own choices. She will no longer allow anyone to dominate her life.

Serhat is fighting on other fronts to keep both Zümrüt and his daughter in his heart. However, the door Cihan opened; It will be the beginning of a war between the two that will not end for a long time.

Will Zümrüt be able to learn the truth that will destroy her life? Serhat, how much will he burn for love?

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