Turkish Series Sadakatsiz - Unfaithful Episode 4 Summary:

Sadakatsiz - Unfaithful Episode 4 Summary and Release Date.
Sadakatsiz - Unfaithful

In Episode 4 of Turkish Series Sadakatsiz - unfaithful, After returning from a visit with her mother-in-law Saliha, Asya finds herself in an unexpected conversation with her son Ali. 

The news that the family receives the next days deeply shakes both Asya and Volkan, and this news also becomes the reason for Asya to make a new decision in this Turkish Series. 

Following this new decision, she finally witnesses something with her own eyes causing her to turn to her dark side. This will be the beginning of a very hardcore new game that she puts into motion in Sadakatsiz - Unfaithful Turkish Series. 

Episode 4 of Turkish Series Sadakatsiz - Unfaithful  air's Wednesday 28 October @ 20:00 on KanalD. 

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