Ariza - The Fault Episode 12 Summary:


 In Episode 12 of Turkish Series Ariza - The Fault, Ali Riza explains to the consortium why he had to burn Sehmuz's merchandise. Even though Fuat looks like he has welcomed this explanation he has not, he then proceeds to instruct Rifki in investigating Ali Riza in particular.

When Halide inaugurates the new clinic after Nihan, everyone is pleased. Burak begins to form a foundation for a new consortium with new partners to rival the existing consortium, and their first sacrifice target is Ali Riza in this Turkish series.


Surprisingly Hasan learns Ali Riza's secret mission from Hasmet. Ali Riza stands firmly before Hasmet and tells him that he and Halide are in love in Ariza Turkish Series.

Turkish Series Ariza - The Fault Episode 12 releases on Sunday 29 November @ 20:00 on ShowTV 

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