Turkish Series Kefaret- Atonement Episode 2 Summary:


In Episode 2 of the Turkish series Kefaret - Atonement, Can who has done enough harm to Melek requiring to be hospitalized, making him panic, he runs away, and it disappears.

Zeynep who has sought suicide is taken to the hospital, and Meltem has threatened her not to mention Can's name when the police question her. 


Sinan discovers the person who sent that message that he saw who kidnapped Elif, and Sinan immediately wants to take action. 

Zeynep thinks that if Sinan takes action that this will mean that she will lose her daughter forever, therefore she must stop him. But the new message that she receives is going to devastate her completely. 

Turkish Series kefaret - Redemption Episode 2 releases on Sunday 29 November @ 20:00 on FoxTV

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