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Erkenci Kus

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir were in front of the camera together for the first time in the Turkish TV series 'Erkenci Kus - Early Bird' and became 'Super duo' with their great harmony. They tried to live the love they lived in the Turkish series in secret for the first time in their real lives. The allegations that the famous couple lived in love took place in the magazine news for a long time. Can Yaman admitted in an interview that they had a love affair, but this love was short-lived. Demet Özdemir, on the other hand, never explained that they had love. After the Erkenci Kus Turkish series ended, she stopped meeting with Can Yaman. Can Yaman achieved stardom abroad thanks to the Day Dreamer Turkish series Can Yaman, who has won millions of fans from different countries, focused on projects that will develop his career abroad.

Erkenci Kus

Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin Tak write the Early Bird Turkish Series screenplay, Cem Öğet sat in the director's chair. It won the Best Romantic Comedy Turkish Series at the 45th Golden Butterfly Awards. The Erkenci Kus Turkish series has been broadcast in many countries such as Spain, Croatia, Albania, Israel, Lithuania, Iraq and Ukraine. Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) started on June 26, 2018, and made a final August 6, 2019.


Channel: Star TV 

Producer: Gold Film-Faruk Turgut 

Genre: Romantic comedy 

Release Date: June 26, 2018 

Final Date: August 6, 2019 

Venue: Istanbul 

Number of episodes: 51 

Duration: 120 minutes 

Music: Cem Öget & Alper Ketenci 


Erkenci Kus

The Erkenci Kus Turkish Series, the great love of Sanem and Can, which started with a coincidental encounter in the advertising agency, was brought to the screen as a Romantic Comedy.

Sanem's father Nihat, has a grocery store. Sanem, who opened the grocery store instead of her father, who had shortness of breath every morning from an early age, is a natural, cheerful and lively young girl, the opposite of her elder sister Lale. Sanem applies for a job when she hears that she is looking for a member of the women's magazine Countess, where her sister works, and the adventure started after that.

Erkenci Kus

The head of the magazine, Aziz Bey, has two sons, Can and Emre. After Sanem started working in the magazine where things were not going well, she suddenly found herself in exciting events. Having an extremely adventurous spirit, Can is a sporty young man who loves nature far from the small accounts of city life. These features also led to the establishment of a special bond with Sanem.

Erkenci Kus

Losing hope of her relationship with Can, Sanem quits her job at the agency and returns to her neighbourhood and starts working in her father's grocery store. Although Can can't persuade her to return, her radical decision changes their lives forever.


Erkenci Kus

Most of the filming of the Erkenci Kus Turkish series took place in Tuzla, Istanbul. For some scenes of Erkenci Kuş, where plateaus were set up in different districts of Istanbul for filming, neighbourhoods such as Caddebostan and Arnavutköy were used. Grand Pera and Beykoz Shoe Factory, which hosted many Turkish TV series, were also among the Erkenci Kus Turkish series shooting locations.

Lawyer Can Yaman became an excellent star.

Erkenci Kus

Born in Istanbul in 1989, Can Yaman graduated from in the law department from Yeditepe University. He entered into acting with the encouragement of someone he met on vacation in Bodrum. Can Yaman also played professional basketball.

Erkenci Kus

He was recognized for his character Yalın Aras, who played in the Turkish series İnadına Aşk, in 2015-2016. Yaman, who later played the role of Tarık Çam in the project named Who We Didn't Love, took the lead role here. In the Dolunay Turkish series published in 2017, the actor who gave life to the character of Ferit caught his main break with the role of Can Divit in the Early Bird Turkish series. The actor, who grew his hair and made a body, later became the trend with his social media posts and statements.

Erkenci Kus

Can Yaman significantly influenced a huge fan base in foreign countries. 

Audience from many different countries managed to reach the actor via social media. Can Yaman's close relationship with his followers continued in his overseas travels. Can Yaman gained great popularity abroad thanks to both Dolunay and Erkenci Kus Turkish series. The actor made a new career plan by constantly improving himself and making his fans abroad happy at every opportunity.

Thanks to the Erkenci Kus Turkishseries, Can Yaman became one of the most well-known actors in Turkey abroad.


Demet Ozdemir-Sanem Aydin Divit

Can Yaman

Özlem Tokaslan - Location Aydın

Cihan Ercan-Muzaffer Kaya

Öznur Serçeler-Leyla Aydin Divit

Birand Tunca-Emre Divit

By Berat Yenilmez - Nihat Aydin

Anıl Celik-Cengiz Ozdemir

Tugce Kumral-Deren Keskin

Ceren Taşçı-Ayhan Işık

Sibel Şişman - Güliz Yıldırım

Ali Yagci-Osman Isik

Asuman Cakir-Aysun Kaya

Ferdi Baycu Guler-Melahat

Ahmet Somers-Saint Divit

Tuan Tunalı-Metin Lawyer

Oguz School-Rifat

Chemistry Gökçe- AytaçPolen


Erkenci Kus

Cem Öget and Alper Ketenci signed the 'Erkenci Kuş' (Early Bird) Turkish series music, which broke the hits records.

The Erkenci Kus Turkish series was watched millions of times in the youtube environment and made a great impression.

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