What will happen in Camtavanlar Episode 7?:

Camtavanlar Episode 7 with English subtitles | Full Story | Glass Ceilings

In Episode 7 of Camtavanlar - Glass Ceilings Turkish Series, where cold winds blow amid Leyla and Suna, Cem clarifies to Suna that he does not want to meet. However, Leyla falls into big concern when Haldun sends a fake client to Lujuria to trap Leyla. Unable to repay her debt due to Haldun's plan, Leyla hears from the moneylender that she is now accounting for Haldun. As Haldun proceeds step by step to terminate Lujuria, they keenly anticipated what Leyla would do in the face of this condition.

There is a bundle of love in this episode! Disagreement from the past is resolved; Cem and Leyla start to live their love to the absolute. The two lovers rise over the clouds despite the years they have craved.

Camtavanlar Episode 7 with English subtitles | Full Story | Glass Ceilings

Every moment is brimming with affection. Does Suna, on the other hand, remain idle? She's putting in the effort to reclaim Cem. Haldun, on the other hand, is playing a risky game. Cem and Leyla's love, on the other hand, is as strong as steel. Let's see if the power of love is sufficient to overcome all obstacles.

Camtavanlar - Glass Ceilings Episode 7 releases on July 28th on Show TV at 20:00. Camtavanlar Episode 7 with English Subtitles releases on @AyishaThousif channel of Telegram Messenger app without ads and popups.

Camtavanlar Episode 7 Trailer 1 with English subtitles: 

Cem: I wanted to set the sun together
Let it set so that is reborn and we can spend everyday together.

Leila: I accepted that I love it
I am sure that he also love me too

Suna: I am cem's first love
Harmony is something like that.
It happened with only once and only with one person

Suna: Ofcourse if you want it to be.
Small shards of glass are not visible but they hust a lot you should be careful i think

Suna: Cem Has a deep rooted family
And you are rootless and boundless

Suna: we are each other's past cem
We were very happy and very chearing

Cem: I am not ready to speak suna.

Camtavanlar 7 Trailer 2 with English subtitles: 

Now i understand you each other

How your past is like that

Now I am thinking

Suna: If I am not make him out of my door
If I listen him and give him a chance.

May be situation will not be this.

The thing I experienced is very beautiful and I never experienced it.

The view inside the door is very beautiful

I am in a dream place now

I want to live my full life like this

Okay Suna come from other side

What is that situation

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