What will happen in Kazara Ask Episode 5 with English subtitles?:

Kazara Ask Episode 5 With with English subtitles | Full Story | Accidental Love
kazara Ask

In Episode 5 of Kazara Ask Turkish Series, Tahsin's statement that he will assign the company to his son, who gives him his first grandchild, causes a great fright for Civan and Okan. Because Civan needs to bring Şimal home, and Okan needs to find a way to recover as soon as possible after his blow.

While Civan is scanning for ways to convince Şimal to resume their game, Şimal is saddened by his father's sickness and losing their family home. While she has the opportunity, this lie is also settled to end the marriage. Instead, she will give Kenan the chance he wants and make a new and clean start.

Kazara Ask Episode 5 With with English subtitles | Full Story | Accidental Love
Kazara Ask

Of course, this decision of Şimal drags Civan into a great panic. He resorts to various ways both to clear himself in their eyes and to make Şimal agree to continue the marriage game. However, when none of his efforts pay off, he eventually gives up.

In addition to ending her fake marriage with Şimal, he reveals to everyone that he is married to Nazlı. However, what happens next will upset the decisions made by our heroes, and Şimal and Civan will find themselves on the verge of new decisions that they must take immediately.

Kazara Ask Episode 5 releases on 29th July on Star Tv at 20:00. 

Kazara Ask Episode 5 Trailer 2 with English subtitles: 

Link: Kazara Ask Episode 5 Trailer 2 with English subtitles on YouTube 

I am looking very beautiful. Isn't it?

Looking beautiful ofcourse you are looking beautiful. But why?

Mom I want my wife

What will you do with that false girl.

Oh. What am I going to do.

He turned out to be like Oğuz there.  (A Turkish hero)


What's the only condition

My name is Vildan 

This is  going to hurt us

Our eyes, on our face is like this.

Then, what are we going to do mom?

Lying here, all the beautiful souls

Looking at the fall of our honor.

Let my son be saved from that girl

God. You give my husband more strength

What are they?

Vow, they are wow

They are vow for civan's blind fold to come off

Is this the place?

Welcome brother how can I help you?

You go and call your boss for me

Let them be tarnished and come back


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