An actor said goodbye to the Ada Masali Turkish Series because of the script: 

Ada Masali 

The Ada Masali - Island Tale, which aired on Star TV this summer, was one of the most popular shows. Although the ratings vary, the series has a fan base because of the successful performance and flawless harmony of the lead actors Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz.

However, there was some bad news from the series, which had a lot of success because of its narrative and performers. One of the actors in the Island Tale Turkish series has stated that he would leave the show. This revelation brought grief to the series' viewers.



As a result, Cem Anl Edge, who portrays Hakan in the series, issued a message on his social media account announcing that it was time to depart Ada Masali. Due to the script, Edge stated that he will be leaving the series.

On the other hand, as the summer season comes to an end and the new season approaches, it is a matter of great curiosity what will be the fate of Ada Tale. Unfortunately, it is not clear what the fate of the series will be because the ratings do not look very encouraging.

Ada Masali 

Ada Masali, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, was liked by many viewers. However, Ada Masali, which presents beautiful images on the screen for the summer period, is troubled due to its falling ratings. It has been understood that the possibility of the recovery of the series is challenging, with its below-average ratings for weeks.

There is only a little time remaining until the series' fate is decided. If the channel can regain its ratings by the end of the season, it may elect to continue. Ada Masali followers are now eagerly awaiting the outcome of this decision.

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