Alp Navruz appeared before the court as defendant: 

Alp Navruz

The company sued actor Alp Navruz, who plays "Poyraz" in the "Ada Masali - Island Tale" series, which is currently airing on Star TV, because he did not follow the contract he signed with Avşar Film production company in 2016. The company claimed he had caused harm and filed a lawsuit seeking 72 thousand Liras in damages.

The actor Alp Navruz was present in the courtroom where he was the defendant, according to Deniz Yusufolu's report from Sabah Newspaper. However, the court dismissed the lawsuit. Navruz, who appeared in Avşar Film's series, joined another business a month after the series finished. Avşar Film filed a lawsuit against Alp Navruz for 72 thousand Liras, claiming a provision in the contract signed between the actor and the firm said, "He will take part in at least six projects in five years." The case was registered to the expert in the matter before the Istanbul Civil Court of First Instance.

Alp Navruz and Ayca Aysin

The expert's report said that the contract was void and that the plaintiff production firm had suffered no significant loss. As a result, the court decided to dismiss the 72 thousand lira compensation claim, according to the article.

After the court decision, the handsome actor Alp Navruz appeared on Star TV every Tuesday evening in the "Ada Masali - Island Tale" series. He co-starred with Ayça Ayşin Turan, exhaled a sigh of relief. 

On the other hand, the actor is now in the headlines that he is in love with Ayca Aysin Turan. However, the pair has yet to remark on the topic. The 13th new episode of Ada Masal, which appeals to a large audience despite its low ratings, will be shown on Star TV on Tuesday, September 14th at 20.00.

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