What will happen in Episode 3 of Barbaroslar Turkish Series?: 

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In Episode 3 of Barbaroslar Turkish Series, Despite the persuasion of Baba Oruç and Ilyas, Ishaq Agha decides to return to Lesbos, where he buried his foes in the deep and black depths of the sea. However, the impact of the tragedy he witnessed remains with him, and a significant encounter awaits him on Lesbos.

Pietro believes he is getting closer to the secret as he searches everywhere for the blacksmith he is looking for. He will not miss any opportunity to learn the secret. Khidr and those that pursue the secret face severe challenges in their quest for answers to new questions.

Will Khidr be able to answer the questions and overcome his long-ago foes? Will Pietro be able to discover the answer to the mystery he believes is on the verge of being revealed? Will Isabel be able to defend Baba Oruç against her father, Silvio?

Barbaroslar Episode 3 Release Date:

Barbaroslar Episode 3 releases on September 30th 2021 on TRT1 at 20:00. 

Barbaroslar Full Episodes English Subtitles: 

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