What will happen in Episode 4 of Barbaroslar Turkish Series?:

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Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı
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In Episode 4 of Barbaroslar Turkish Series starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulas Tuna Astepe, Radko went to Radko's residence and attacked him to obtain Suleiman. Although Khizir and Ishaq were able to stop him, Suleiman was severely injured. Suleiman thought that his time had come to die, so he told Khizir about his wish. However, Sahin managed to capture Oruj's ship. Sahin told Oruj to provide Ebu Muhammad. Oruj agreed to Sahin's demand that he will protect his companions' lives.

Oruj also promised to resolve the difficulties when they returned to Alexandria. From afar, Pietro could see what Sahin was doing. Pietro considered launching an attack on both ships. Diego, on the other hand, stopped him. Khizir went over all of the books in Suleiman's shop and double-checked them. Then he discovered a personal book. After some time had passed, Khizir set off for Alexandria to fulfil Suleiman's wish. Suleiman also took Zeynab and niko out for alexendria.

For the Bedouin tribe, Sahin keeps Ebu Muhammad in a secluded location near a river. Hayrabah discovered Sahin's location and informed Oruj. Oruj assaulted Sahin in order to reclaim his companions and Ebu Muhammad. During this time, Kilic approached them and stopped them. Kilic apologised to Oruj and told him that he regarded him like a son. Oruj's men discovered Ebu Muhammad and carried him to Hayrabay.

Hayrabay kept his word to Oruj and provided him with enough money to buy a new ship. However, he saw that the prices had been excessively raised. Isabel assigned Jafer's duties to Oruj in order to assist him financially. Sylvio was enraged by this. And then he slammed into Isabel. Pietro ordered Radko to begin a fire in order to apprehend the Khizir. Radko's ship was pierced by Niko and Khizir.

To avenge Oruj, Jafer loaded the kegs of powder onto the ship. Sahin was on his way to Thessaloniki with the ship. Ilyas and Oruj discovered the barrels that Jafer had placed. Before the explosion, Jafer assaulted Oruj, forcing him to exit the ship. Captain and Ishaq nearly depleted the ship of Radko.

Barbaroslar Episode 4 Release Date:

Barbaroslar Episode 4 releases on 7th October 2021 on TRT1 at 20:00. 

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