What will happen in Kardeslerim - My Brothers Episode 19 English Subtitles?: 

Kardeslerim Episode 19 English Subtitles | Kardeslerim Season 2 | Full Story

In episode 19 of the Kardeslerim Turkish series, Doruk has Heard about Erhan death. Doruk asks his father if it's true?. Kadir is in prison and tells his siblings not to lose their hope as he will be out of jail soon. Aybike and Berk have a secret love.

Emel, Ayse, and Omer in an orphanage have found a new family who can host them in their house. But, who is this new family?. Emel, who walks on the roof, slips her leg and finds her hanging to the edge. The siblings have further trouble. Will she be saved?

Kardeslerim Episode 19 releases on 11th September on ATV at 20:00. Askin Tarifi Episode 19 with English Subtitles releases @AyishaThousif channel of Telegram Messenger App without ads and popups.

Kardeslerim Episode 19 Trailer 1 with English Subtitles: 

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Doruk: The man says he saw it!

He knows Kadir...

His brother Erhan knows!

He knows everything about what happened there!

Did you shoot Erhan Brother?


You won't lose hope, okay?

I'm out of here!

Boy watch out!

Also, don't tell anyone... Your

son is obsessed with you...

You say secret love, huh?

Ayse: Are we back to the beginning, Doruk!

Is that old Peak still in front of me?

Come on tell me what happened?

Look, I can't go on like this!

They went to the orphanage...

God gave me my punishment!

I will introduce you to a very sweet family...

That family wants to host you in their house!


Elder sister!

My brother is here!


Kardeslerim Episode 19 Trailer 2 with English subtitles: 

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