What will happen in Kardeslerim Episode 21 English subtitles?

Kardeslerim Episode 21 English subtitles | Kardeslerim Season 2

In Episode 21 of Kardeslerim Turkish Series, While Kadir goes after Cemile, who stole the bag, her siblings are unaware of their shattered dreams and the situation. Doruk's attempt to help Asiye secretly causes the tensions between the two to become tighter. After the shock they experienced, Sengul acted quickly and set up a new business with a practical idea that came to mind.

The Eren family has finally become the boss of their own business, but things do not go as they hoped. Akif, who starts to make amends with his family members, is horrified by a big surprise from the past.

Kardeslerim Episode 21 releases on 25th September on ATV at 20:00. Kardeslerim Episode 21 with English Subtitles releases @ReachAyishaThousif channel of Telegram Messenger App without ads and popups.

Kardeslerim Episode 21 Trailer 1 with English subtitles: 

Our dry bread has started again, the tea period is here!

Our hopes were destroyed, our dreams were destroyed, our dreams were destroyed!


Divorce me!

I've had my mouthful...


Tolga... We're getting to the


I see we are back to our factory settings!

Here I am again...

Former Doruk Atakul is online...

I won't let anyone pity me!

What are you doing crazy?

He says you're his parent!


Kardeslerim Episode 21 Trailer 2 with English subtitles: 


Cousin I'm here okay.  Nothing, nothing...

Okay, boy, nothing.

I won't die right?

No son, nothing will happen to you if he dies...

Cousin, get up son...

Don't leave me...


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