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In Episode 1 of Squid Game Netflix Series, When Gi-Hun is eating, Mom tosses some dollars on the table. She instructs her to spend the money on a present for his daughter. However, he believes the cash is insufficient to purchase fried chicken for the young girl and requests additional cashes. Before she departs, she hands it to him.

The bank card is taken from the cabinet by Gi-Hun. He visits the bank and withdraws additional money from the ATM. When he walks out of the building with his friend, he informs his daughter that she can receive everything she wants because he has won the horse racing game.

Gi-Hun enters the building once more. When he runs, he bumps into the female. When he runs, she gives him a quick glance. Gi-Hun is caught in the restroom by the loan shark. Gi-Hun makes an effort to settle his obligation. However, he discovers that his pocket is empty.

Following his daughter's birthday supper. He misses the metro train and must wait for the next one on a subway station bench.

The guy promises Gi-Hun that if he beats him at the ddakji game, he will give him money. Gi-Hun, on the other hand, fails. Because he lacks funds, he receives a smack. He can't take it any higher and continues to play with the man. After numerous failures, he finally succeeds in the end. He attempts to retaliate with a smack. However, the man comes to a halt and hands up the cash.

The guy instructs Gi-Hun to continue playing the game with him once he has amassed a large sum of money. Gi-Hun, on the other hand, refuses it because he believes the stranger would seize his cash. Before leaving, the guy explains how much money Gi-Hun owes him and offers him his business card.

Gi-Hun comes face to face with a hungry wild cat. He tosses the fish to the animal and explains how he obtained the cash. Gi-Hun arrives home and joins Mom for dinner. He hands her the money. She, on the other hand, believes he took it. He screams at her, claiming that he obtained it with his own body. Ga-Yeong will be leaving Korea shortly, she informs him. She adds the lawyer's statement that if he's wealthy enough, he can win custody.

Gi-Hun is lying on his bed. He takes out his phone and examines the photograph of his daughter. He addresses the gentleman. Outside, Gi-Hun waits for the man. A vehicle arrives. The man in the van convinces Gi-Hun to board the vehicle. He notices a lot of people dozing off in the vehicle. He thinks they're weary until the gas induces hypnosis.

Gi-Hun awakens in a large room. He finds that he is not alone in sleeping on his bed. Through the television, the guys in red keep an eye on them. Gi-Hun notices the elderly guy Il-Nam who is counting the number of individuals in the room. Il-Nam informs Gi-Hun that he came to the location because he knew he was going to die from a brain tumour.

Because she deceived him, Deok-Soo beats up on Sae-Byeok. Sae-Byeok is recognised by Gi-Hun. Deok-Soo is brought to a halt by him. The gate swings open. The red-clad guys appear. The leader of the guys in red informs the participants that whoever wins all six games would get a large sum of money. Sang-Woo, on the other hand, informs the chief that he doesn't trust him. The chief emphasises that they must trust what he says since they are being pursued by loan sharks.

Squid Game Episode 1 Ending Explained: 

The contract is signed by the players. They enter the gaming room. They must stare directly at the camera. When Gi-Hun stares into the camera, he smiles. The players leave home and make their way to the field. Sang-Woo is recognised by Gi-Hun, who questions why he's there since he's a nice child in his mother's eyes. Sang-Woo is adamant about not talking about it.

The man in black enters the room. He takes a seat in the chair to observe the players. The game "Red Light, Green Light" is about to begin. Failure results in the players being shot by the guns on the wall. When he watches it, the man in black sips wine.

After the player is killed in front of him, Gi-Hun feels afraid to lie down on the ground. Sang-Woo warns Gi-Hun that if he does not act, he would be killed. Gi-Hun stands up and moves around. The unsuccessful player grabs Gi-leg Hun's and begs him to save him. Gi-Hun, on the other hand, ignores him and goes away. The player dies.

The black-clad man presses the remote control. The dolls start performing. Some of the players, including Sang-Woo, cross the red line. He gives Gi-Hun a glance. When Gi-Hun steps on the dead body, he stumbles. Ali Abdul prevents Gi-clothing Hun's from being snatched off his back. Before the timer runs out, they cross the red line. The remaining players are eliminated. Sae-Byeok raises his eyes to the heavens. She learns about it closes.

Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-Soo feature in Squid Game.

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