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In Episode 4 of Squid Game Netflix Series, Sang-Woo feels terrible about splitting up the Team. Gi-Hun reassures Sang-Woo that he had no idea what the game was about. The players are informed of the outcome by the man in red. Someone deposits money in the piggy bank. Then, it's time to eat. Deok-Soo receives one egg and a glass of beverages from the man in red. Deok-Soo complains that it is insufficient. Mi-Nyeo takes him back to the line to get more eggs.

The players make their way to the bed. They're prepared to fight. The light is turned off by the frontman. The room is dimly lit. The players start killing one another. Deok-Soo snatches Sae-neck Byeok's and attempts to strangle her. She does, however, kick a vital portion of his body. He takes up the knife she dropped and attempts to murder her. However, he gets taken from behind. Deok-Soo stabs the individual.

The men in the red rush into the chamber after opening the gate. They encircle the players. Deok-knife Soo's is taken away by the man in red. Jun-Ho is a short distance from Gi-Hun. He inquires if he is familiar with In-Ho. Because the players don't know each other's names, Gi-Hun rejects.

The third game is about to begin. The man in red tells the participants that they need to form a ten-player team. Deok-Soo instructs Player 278 to assemble a powerful team for them. At Mi-Nyeo, the player has 278 points. He inquires about Deok-plans Soo's for dealing with the woman. Deok-Soo is deafeningly quiet. When Mi-Nyeo waves back, he returns the favour.

Sang-Woo believes that additional guys should be invited to join his squad, even though he has no idea what the Game is about. As a result, the members of the squad go out in search of guys. Ali Abdul plans to depart. Sang-Woo, on the other hand, stops Ali Abdul and urges him not to show his hand to strangers. Ali Abdul reaches into his pocket with his hand.

Player 069 accepts Sang-invitation Woo's to join his Team. However, the man requests that Sang-Woo accompany him and his wife. Sang-Woo takes a step back. Ji-Yeong, who is sitting on the stairwell, is noticed by Sae-Byeok. Mi-Nyeo approaches Deok-Soo and requests to join his Team. He, on the other hand, opposes it. So she falls to her knees and begs him. When she tries to kiss him, he is chilly and throws her to the ground. She stands up and tells him what she said to him. He claims, though, that he has no fear of her.

Sae-Byeok approaches Ji-Yeong and invites her to join her Team. When Sang-Woo sees Ji-Yeong, he reminds him of what he stated earlier, that he only needs males. Ji-Yeong wishes to depart. Gi-Hun, on the other hand, keeps her. He wants to wait until the tenth team member arrives before making a decision. Mi-Nyeo joins the Team despite not having been invited. She brags about herself to the rest of the Team.

Squid Game Episode 4 Honeycomb Game explained :

Tug of war is the game of the Episode 4.

Squid Game Episode 4 ending explained :

The players are taken to a different room. They're going to play tug of war, according to the man in red. In the tug of war, the winning Team should defeat the other Team. When Team 7's players grab the rope, they are all dangling. A massive blade descends to sever the rope. From the bridge, the players fall to the ground. They are dead.

It's now Team 4 and Team 5's time. With his teammates, Gi-Hun walks to the bridge. They are concerned about it. After getting into the elevator, Il-Nam encourages his teammates. He assures them that if they play the game correctly, they can still win. He imparts his knowledge to them.

Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-Soo feature in Squid Game.

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