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Squid Game

After Sang-Woo cheered them up in a difficult moment, Gi-Hun won the tug of war game with his teammates. Rivals are killed. The coffins are carried to the playground by the red-clad men.

When Gi-Hun is in the elevator with the squad, he stares at his injured palms. Sang-Woo, Ji-Yeong believes, should be thanked because he saved them at a critical moment. However, Player 244 disagrees with Ji-statement. Yeong's believes they were saved as a result of the dead players' sacrifice.

Player 244 instructs the rest of the team to assault the weaker team. Sae-Byeok, on the other hand, tells him that she doesn't trust him. Gi-Hun requires the crew to construct a defence around the beds, fearing that Deok-Soo will lead his followers to attack them.

Jun-Ho is led to the room. Byeong-Ki is seen removing an organ from the corpse. Byeong-Ki got the game detail from the man in red thanks to his medical skills, he learns. The man in red blames Byeong-Ki for damaging the eyeball the last time. Byeong-Ki replies that the person was alive. Another man in red intervenes in the two's argument.

After getting the organs, Jun-Ho and the red-clad guys exit the room. Byeong-Ki wants to know about the next game with the man in red who remains in the room. However, the man in red informs Byeong-Ki that he has no knowledge of the game. Byeong-Ki is furious that he used the knife to kidnap him.

Before killing Byeong-Ki, Front Man shoots the man in red's hand. Jun-Ho tries to kill the man in red after learning to find his sibling on the list. Front Man informs the man in red that he has messed up Squid Game's equity. He decides to kill him as well. After Front Man has left, Byeong-Ki is killed.

Jun-Ho enters the house after climbing the ladder. He locates the space. Front Man receives word from a follower that Jun-Ho has killed Guard 28. He believes he left Squid Game. Front Man, on the other hand, disagrees. Because Jun-Ho refuses to remove the oxygen tank. Front Man finds guard 28's bullet.

The man in red, armed with a gun, enters the large room. When he goes looking for Jun-Ho, he urges Il-Nam to get up. Il-Nam isn't feeling well, Gi-Hun informs the man in red. However, another man in red puts down a rifle towards Gi-Hun. The quilt is taken away by the man in red. Gi-Hun learns that Il-Nam is suffering from urinary incontinence.

Jun-Ho enters the basement. He takes the list from the shelf and reads it. He examines the list and discovers that his older brother was the previous Squid Game winner.

Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-Soo feature in Squid Game.

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