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Teskilat Episode 15 English Subtitles | Full Story | The Organization

The crew that stopped the planned aircraft assault on the MIT building and tracked down Serdar, who has been missing in Poland since that day, acted quickly. Ceren stepped in to help Serdar, who was in a terrible situation, but Serdar's lack of memory just made matters worse. Serdar aims a pistol at his colleagues who arrived to help him, believing Ceren's lies; Zehra had to shoot Serdar..

Serdar was brought to a safe hospital in Ankara. Serdar's situation made the new leader of the team, Halit President, suspicious. Halit President took action to find out where Serdar has been all this time and with whom he communicated.

After Fadi's death, however, the Company picked a new name to be in charge of the 6th Region, which includes Turkey. This individual was Yldrm, one of Germany's richest businesspeople, whom Halit President knew well and with whom he had previously had hatred. The first objective for Yldrm was to warn Turkey, which has increased its drilling efforts in recent years, that it would be unable to produce its natural gas.

Teskilat Episode 15 English Subtitles | Teskilat Season 2 | The Organization

Yildrm's presence in Turkey created a great impression, since he appeared to be a charitable businessman. The news that Yldrm had returned to Ankara alarmed Halit President, who was worried by the situation. The President informed everyone about Yldrm when visiting his teammate Sadik, with whom he had worked for years.

Ceren notified serdar that a major attack was planned to demonstrate her love and goodwill. Uzay and Gürcan began their investigation after Serdar shared this knowledge with the team. Pinar and Uncle Hakki quickly started the operation after obtaining the clues.

Serdar's close companions, Zehra and Hulki, mistook Ceren and allowed him to flee from the hospital.

Teskilat Episode 15 releases on 26th September at 20:00 on TRT1. Teskilat Episode 15 with English Subtitles releases @ReachAyishaThousif channel of Telegram Messenger App.

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Everything will get better

I am giving you my promise

Trust me

President Sahin has Come

My name - Halit

What happened?. How old I am, where did I work earlier, doesn't concern you.




Hakki Daiy / Uncle Hakki



Most probably you won't love me

I don't even care about it

The thing I am waiting from you is not loving me, to do what I say

Which one is more of getting found?

Kurdul has come to Turkey

I love it when it comes here, for what work he has come here?


Nobody in this World deserves to take revenge more than me, President Halit

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Ia required to give worth information

You still did not say your name


Respected, we are starting now

The desired country, the democratic country Turkey, soon will come to an end completely

Zehra did something happens between us?

How something?

Something emotional

Only you will find the bomb

This story will end here

You are a beautiful woman

Remember the time it will get my memory back, we like each other

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