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Teskilat Episode 16 English Subtitles | Teskilat Season 2 | The Organization

In Episode 16 of Teskilat Turkish Series, Mavi Vatan ship, which includes Zehra's ex-wife Kemal as an engineer, was blown up by an infiltrating 'Sleeper' named Simon. With the impact of the explosion, the possibility of an environmental disaster in the Eastern Mediterranean arises. While it was decided to establish an international investigation commission to shed light on the incident, Turkey would face heavy penalties as a result of the decisions of this commission.

On the other hand, Ceren was caught by the team. Ceren's information is vital, but Ceren puts forward a very critical condition to speak. Although Serdar's situation improves day by day, Zehra still has doubts. The team, on the other hand, has to get the evidence that will reveal that what was done to the Blue Homeland was sabotage as soon as possible.

In line with this goal, they take Ceren with them and embark on a difficult journey. However, a big surprise awaits his team on this journey.

Teskilat Episode 16 releases on 3rd October at 20:00 on TRT1.

Teskilat Episode 16 Trailer 1 with English subtitles: 

This morning, a blast happened 

Again one child of your crew lost his life

we lost Kemal

Accept my condolences

Thanks to nation, Let the nation be safe

This is not a fight

Fight happens between stalwarts

Neither they are brave who will come in front, now the heart who will look into the eyes

Braver than them

More intelligent than them

More Clever

Dead cant have emotions

Deads cannot cry

They cant show the pain

If you want me to be good

Tell me what, I should do

By finding the real perpetrators of the attack with a contemptible goal you can make turk justice surrender

I will all pass

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