What will happen in Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 English subtitles? : 

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 English subtitles
Camdaki Kiz

In Episode 17 of Camdaki Kiz Turkish Series starring Burcu Biricik, The major backbone of the Camdaki Kiz, the Korolu family, is getting mixed up! As a result, the Koroglu family is in chaos. Rafet's condition worsens due to the photographs released at the 40th anniversary of Gülcihan and Rafet's marriage, and the Korolu mansion becomes confused. Selen, according to Sedat, is the one who publicised his photographs with Cana. Cana, who has reunited with Alp, is given one last chance to examine her marriage.

Sedat wants to take over the business, but Selen and Muzo have other ideas. As a result, a cold war breaks out, particularly between Sedat and Selen. Rafet, on the other hand, will make the final point.

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 English subtitles
Camdaki Kiz 

Feride, Nalan's mother, is asked whether she has anything to hide about her husband, Sedat! 

While Feride tries several methods to rescue Nalan and Sedat's marriage, Hayri is unable to forget about Nalan. Nalan, who goes out for a long dinner with Feride and Adil, can't stop thinking about the past and interrogating Feride. Rafet's plans for the company's future will take shape, but they will not be as expected.

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 English subtitles
Camdaki Kiz

Feride transforms into a mystery cube the moment she realizes Sedat's vulnerability. Nalan is convinced that her mother, whom she is familiar with, is hiding something. Meanwhile, Sedat, who believes he has survived the mansion crisis, is horrified by his father's startling decision.

Rafet is ready to announce his candidacy for chairman, but he has a condition. Before publicizing the name, all three children must transfer their shares to him.

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 Release Date:

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 starring Burcu Biricik and Feyyaz Serifoglu releases on 28th October on Kanal D at 20:00.

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 Trailer 1 English Subtitles : 

We're not blind.

My dad is a great pretender  who knows each of us very well.

What we know is just  what he wants us to know.

I no longer believe what you say.

Cut it out!

It all happened because of you.

Because of you all.

Okay but you're seeing red.  Where are you going?

I'm gonna put someone who doesn't behave  to their place.

I don't know how this girl will keep  that pervert, Sedat, in her hands.

Is it possible that you're hiding something  about Sedat from me, mom?

Do you have the disc with that footage?

The one who put it...

...is from your house.

We got away with it again, Cana.  My dad didn't understand anything.

It's over! Sedat Koroglu is over for me!


Based on a true story,...

...Camdaki Kiz returns on Thurday on Kanal D!

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 Trailer 2 English Subtitles : 


...everybody is gonna get  what they deserve.

You did it, right?

You cannot process that  I'm good at something, huh?

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck  in one of those things.

You'll be a proper woman to your husband.

Don't walk around him  as if you're his buddy.

Life has a justice system,...

...it doesn't let you go without  making you pay for your mistakes.

You're gonna divorce that loser  who doesn't even know...

...how to cherish his family!

I know you're not pregnant.

For the first time in my life,  I'm on the brink of success.

I got a "well done" from Rafet Koroglu  for the first time!

I'll not let you mess up my dreams!

Don't be so sure.

Before announcing the new chairman  of the board,...

...you will transfer all your shares to me.

Based on a true story,...

...Camdaki Kiz returns on Thursday  on Kanal D!

News Bytes: Burcu Biricik revealed her longing ambitions

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 English subtitles
Burcu Biricik

Burcu Biricik, who has recently established herself as one of the most successful actresses in the worlds of television and film, continues to sign successful projects. Burcu Biricik, who is active in every project and is working to advance her profession, expressed her greatest ambition.

Burcu Biricik, who plays Nalan in the TV series "Girl in the Glass," which is still on Kanal D, had her most significant break with the Netflix series Fatma, continues to climb her career steps. Biricik, who has been involved in a string of successful ventures, stated that one of her ambitions is to perform in a theatre play.

Burcu Biricik was in Fişekhane for the premiere of the play Women in the Bathtub. Burcu Biricik gave a remark to the journalists after attending the premiere of Erdal Beşikçiolu's theatre production, which stars Hazal Türesan, Naz Göktan, and Selin Zafertepe.

Camdaki Kiz Episode 17 English subtitles
Burcu Biricik

The famous actress expressed her desire to return to the theatre, saying, "The theatre stage is where an actor breathes." I'm hoping it will happen to me one day."

Burcu Biricik performed in several theatre productions before becoming famous. Biricik completed her undergraduate studies at Ege University Archeology Department and studied acting at the Bornova Municipality City Theatre. After obtaining a prize at a theatrical festival, she attended during his high school years. She decided to become a professional actor.

Biricik began her acting career as an intern at the City Theatre of Izmir Bornova Municipality. She acted in various plays such as One of the Two, The Visit of the Old Lady. I Close My Eyes. I Do My Duty and Hormuz with Seven Husbands. In 2007, he stepped into the screen world with the TV series "Macholar" broadcast on Show TV.

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