What will happen in Yalancilar ve Mumlari Episode 5?:

Yalancilar ve Mumlari Episode 5 English Subtitles - Liars and their Candles full Story
Yalancilar Ve Mumlari

In Episode 5 Yalancilar Ve Mumlari starring Elcin Sangu, All of the lies have been revealed! Elif, Yakup, and Sumru's lives are in grave danger as a result of Engin's plan. Ceyda, Meliha, and Sebnem, Elif's dear comrades, are the only ones she can trust. Will Elif, Ceyda, Meliha, and Sebnem, who have always looked out for each other no matter what happened in their own lives, be able to risk killing someone to safeguard the people they care about the most? How much longer can Serife, who has turned a blind eye to Engin's plans, stay silent?

Yalancilar Ve Mumlari Episode 5 Release Date: 

Episode 5 Yalancilar Ve Mumlari starring Elcin Sangu releases on 31st October on Fox Tv at 20:00.

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