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Ask Mantik Intikam

In Episode 21 of Ask Mantik Intikam Turkish Series starring Burcu Ozberk and Ilhan Sen, Ozan explains that he has made a new decision. Expressing his decision not to return to Cagla, Ozan resists Cınar's efforts to influence him.

Ozan, who made a significant breakthrough by saying, "I will do my best before and after my child is born", seems determined not to take a step back on Cagla.

Cagla will continue to provoke Esra over the child issue. Esra will learn that Cagla, who does not hide the thought that Ozan will fall in love with her thanks to the baby, is not pregnant from Ozan. With this development, things will become even more complicated in the series.

Ozan and Esra are both shaken by the news of Cagla's pregnancy. Cagla is overjoyed. With the expectation of living with Ozan, she begins to gather her belongings, but her excitement is destroyed by Ozan's move. Ozan has his doubts about this pregnancy, and he isn't the only one. With the information she received from Zeyno, Esra also brings Cagla up to pace. Will Cagla be able to keep the truth hidden from Esra, who is following her every step of the way?

Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 21 Release Date: 

Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 21 starring Burcu Ozberk and Ilhan Sen releases on 12th November on FoxTv at 20:00.  

News Bytes: Burcu Ozberk as cover star of the November issue of Elele Magazine.

Burcu Ozberk as cover star of the November issue of Elele Magazine.
Ask Mantik Intikam 

Burcu Ozberk, who co-starred alongside Ilhan Sen in the Fox TV series Ask Mantik Intikam, has been named the cover star of Elele Magazine's November issue.

The famed actress, who opened up to the magazine about her personal life, revealed she had only ever fallen in love once and added her thoughts about being in love. 

"I believe that love is an addiction, similar to a disease, because, for the first time in my life, I desired someone to be with me at all times. However, it transformed me into someone else. As a result, I gave up my freedom and my standard of living."

Burcu Ozberk, who has 8.2 million Instagram followers, is a well-known celebrity active on Instagram.

Burcu Ozberk as cover star of the November issue of Elele Magazine.
Burcu Ozberk

For a long time, the romantic comedy series, the most popular of the summer season, has been criticized for its story's shift to drama. The series' screenwriters attempted to rectify the dilemma by implying a return to the past. On the set of the series, there are also some remarkable moments in which Ilhan Sen and Burcu Ozberk play key roles. 

After the occasion, Burcu Ozberk gave a speech in which she and her friends gathered to celebrate the success. The actress stated that she adores all of her friends and that this project is significant to her. 

In her words, the actress touched on important details, explaining why Aşk Mantik Intikam was so successful. To better understand how successful the series is, here are Burcu Ozberk's words:

"Our series is still going strong, with high ratings. We're glad because we wanted to spend an evening as a team. Therefore we got together. We had a fantastic evening; our work is excellent, and I adore my coworkers. It's a job where everyone looks out for one another. I'm filming episode 21, but it feels like I'm still filming the first episode."

Burcu Ozberk also stated that she expected the project's success before starting it. ". "When that narrative strikes something inside of you, you will undoubtedly be rewarded. I am also confident in my abilities, "she stated. 

Burcu Ozberk, when reminded that the projects she worked on were usually successful, she said:

"Everything is special. The storyline gets very, very good in one of them. On the other, it's the storey combined with the team's enthusiasm. It's the energy of the major roles in one and something else in the other. I'm not sure how to respond to this. They all came together in this business, I can honestly say."

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