What will happen in Aziz Episode 2 with English subtitles?: 

Aziz Episode 2 English subtitles - Staring Murat Yildirim

In Episode 2 of Aziz Turkish Series starring Murat Yildirim and Damla Sbnmez. Aziz couldn't stand by and let Efnan's suffering go unnoticed, so he carried her home. Dilruba discovered Adem in front of her while waiting for Aziz at Kinali Kaya. If Aziz showed up, Adam would murder him. To defend Aziz, Dilruba made an unexpected action by shooting Adam in the arm. Dilruba, who had gone to Aziz after shooting Adem, was disappointed when she found Efnan at home. Aziz decided to rebuild everything from the roots up.

He proceeded to the bank to re-establish his father's firm as Aziz Payidar, but Aziz couldn't receive a loan without their approval in Antakya, which was under French occupation. He then invited the city's gentlemen to dinner and began looking for a business partner. But, fearing the French, no one attended Aziz's dinner.

While Aziz continued to lose everything he had, both materially and spiritually, it was revealed that Aziz's father had left Aziz a legacy before he died. Galip Bey and Pierre agreed to keep their items hidden from Aziz. When Aunt Nigar and Maksude realised that Dilruba had shot Adem, they were stunned. Even though they were both certain the engagement would be broken, Adem chose to stay with Dilruba and keep things hidden from his father.

When Dilruba's love for Aziz was not returned, she opted to marry Adem. Dilruba, on the other hand, was jealous of Efnan and secretly sent word to Efnan's community. Efnan's father then went to Aziz Payidar's house and kidnapped Efnan. Meanwhile, at Dilruba and Adem's engagement ceremony, all the stones moved. Kenan told Galip Bey that Dilruba had fled to Aziz and shot Adem, . Galip reacted angrily after learning about Adem's great secret, but Aziz took the blame. Galip and Aziz's relationship became tense as a result. 

In the end, Aziz challenged everyone n the middle of the engagement ceremony, particularly Pierre and Galip Payidar, by saying that he would not leave the city and that the entire order would be changed. So now everyone is waiting to see what happens after Aziz's decision.

Aziz Episode 2 Release Date: 

Episode 2 of Aziz Turkish Series starring Murat Yildirim and Damla Sbnmez releases on 12th November at 20:00 on Show Tv in Turkey. 

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