There is no Episode 11 of Yalanci Turkish Series starring Burçin Terzioglu and Salih Bademci.

What will happen in Yalanci Episode 11 English Subtitles?: 

Yalanci Episode 8 English Subtitles -  The Liar Full Story

Burçin Terziolu, a well-known actress, made a comeback with the series "Yalanci - Liar." Acting in the lead role with Salih Bademci, the actress relished the opportunity to reconnect with her fans on the Show TV screen.

The project, which had a good story and a strong acting performance, did not receive favourable reviews, prompting the ultimate choice. As a result, on Tuesday, November 23, the tenth and last episode of the series "Yalanci - Liar" aired for the last time.

At the final dinner, Burçin Terziolu reunited with her friends. In a statement, the star stated, "It's our last meal together. We completed a ten-part project. It was a pleasure for us to do it. We did a good job that we are proud of. At first, we were really busy. We were unable to attend the first night. As the night drew to a close, we held a farewell party "she stated

Burçin Terziolu was also asked why the show ended so soon. Is there an issue with the scenario or the ratings? "This was not the scenario we planned. It is because of the rating," the actor stated clearly in her statement.

Burçin Terziolu stated that the project was a nice and enjoyable job for her, hinting that they had to say farewell without completely expressing the story owing to the poor ratings.

According to the well-known actress, "Let's assume the public didn't like it, but we're delighted with the work we've done so far. We ended 10 episodes with great satisfaction, and we did a fantastic job "she stated

What is the Total number of Episodes in Yalanci Turkish Series?
There are total of 10 episodes in Yalanci Turkish Series.

Will there be Yalanci Season 2?
No. Due to the low rating Yalanci does not have season 2. 

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