Kalp Yarasi Turkish Series Episode 23  starring Gorkhan Alkan and Yagmur Tanrisevsin releases on 3rd December on ATV at 20:00.

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What will happen in Kalp Yarasi Episode 23 English Subtitles?: 

Kalp Yarasi 23 Bolum
Kalp Yarasi

In Kalp Yarasi Turkish Series Episode 23  starring Gorkhan Alkan and Yagmur Tanrisevsin , Ayşe encounters an unexpected behaviour from Ferit while trying to find solace in her mother's memories. While This surprise reveals ayşe's affections for Ferit, Ferit recognises that the possibility of being with Ayşe is stronger.

Sinan, Ferit, and Azade are ignorant of Adnan at the mansion is the final straw for Adnan to take legal action against his family. But, while Adnan's move strengthens Yaman's hand, he also sets himself on an irreversible path.

Kalp Yarasi 23 bolum
Kalp Yarasi

Sahin, who seeks Ayşe's help as soon as possible for Elif's recovery, comes across a name she didn't expect. But, as the tensions between Ferit and Mirza continue to simmer, Ayşe begins to second-guess her decision.

Kalp Yarasi Episode 23 Release Date:

Episode 23 of Kalp Yarasi Turkish Series starring Gorkhan Alkan and Yagmur Tanrisevsin releases on 6th December on ATV at 20:00.

Kalp Yarasi Episode 23 Trailer 1 English Subtitles:

She is very passionately attached to Ferit...

She can return to her husband at any time...

She will truly appreciate her if she loses Ferit.

Here comes our surprise!

Are we cousins now?

You will all see what I will do!

You probably didn't know it existed, did you?


You will play... You will

never talk about your illness!

Who are you meeting at around 5 pm?

Won't you come to the wedding?

Okay I am coming.

You look so beautiful...

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Kalp Yarasi Episode 23 Trailer 2 English Subtitles:

Who are you?

I want Ferit to be happy.

I want Ferit to smile.

You will stay away from Ayşe!

I want him to get the punishment he deserves.

I lost my faith in love.

He eats his insides for you, he instantly goes and finds someone else.

You are used to bringing girls to weddings, you call

Şahin Avcı

Hodri a challenge, so

people are so cruel,


hypocritical, Ferit, save Ayşe, her life is in danger.

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